and after my last breath

and after my last breath

a story about a dream. a nightmare filled with bliss.

the city light fades into black. the noise of the metropolitan stands to a halt.

as your heartbeat starts to slow down, you know that your time has come.

and after my last breath,

a blinding light shines from the horizon.

"what is it your deepest and greatest desire? wish it, and i shall grant it." asked the light.

fame. is it fame that you seek?

to have the world cheer at the mention of your name? books, poetry, and music written to celebrate your glory. bards serenading royal celebrations with your heroic adventures throughout the seven kingdoms.

fortune. is it fortune that you seek?

to have all the material possession a human could only imagine? enough wealth to make even the wealthiest royal family green with envy. money to have all the parks, schools, and roads named after you.

truth. perhaps, it is the truth that you seek?

to know everything about everything in this world? wisdom to put the greatest philosophers and thinkers to shame. knowing what your purpose is, when all life will end, and why all of this starts in the first place.

anything that you wish, i shall grant it to you.

"i have lived a long and fulfilled life. it is not fame, fortune, and truth that i seek," said the man.

if it's not too selfish to ask, let me rest in eternal peace. i have left the world with content, experiencing everything the blue world has to offer.

if it's not too selfish to ask, help my family move on without me.

if the memory of me aches their heart, help them forget about me.

i know how the friends of the love of my life would whisper behind her back after my passing. i wish that she can go to the best beauty salon, buy the best fabrics and jewelries the world has to offer, so that no other woman can pity her for what I have did to her (leaving to early, that is).

if she wishes to find another man, help her find someone better than me. someone who would spend all the time in the world for her. a prince who could shower her with all the gifts and affections. help her find someone that could teach my children better than i do; someone to show my kids about life and happiness like what my father did for me (something i would have wished i was able to do, but alas, life says otherwise).

to my children: i'm sorry that i will no longer be present. unable to cheer for you at your competitions and hugging you with all the joy in the world as you lift your first trophy. i'm sorry that i won't be there at your wedding, sitting on the front row seat as you marry the love of your life.

if it's not too selfish to ask, help my children find eternal happiness. let them go to the best schools (one that I could only dream of), get the best jobs (one i could never get), and meet the love of their life (like how i've found mine). help them live a life without worry. if they need advice to go through life (i know it can be hard sometimes), i hope they find someone to give it to them.

it is not fame, fortune, and truth that i want. all i ask is for my family to be happy, without me, and that's all i could ask.