have quarantine made us distant socially?

have quarantine made us distant socially?

Undeniably, changes are happening all around us: work, school, you name it.

The status quo that we are in dictates what we are able to do and not do, and it pushes out to go beyond the usual: what we usually do, where we usually go...

The people we usually enthusiastically greet with a smile... now we don't even meet them. Having each other's contact, but never truly in contact.

Have the quarantine changed us?
Have it forced us to practical social distancing or have it simply made us distant... socially?

I often find myself spending a lot of time pondering the ephemerality of human connection. The questioning of whether there is even such a thing as a perpetual connection between individuals, and whether relationships are built on top of a mutual necessity.

What happen if our routine stops making us meet each other?
What happen when we have lost the reason to meet each other?

Have quarantine changed us, or did it made us realize something that we never noticed?

Quarantine can make schools halt their studies, make businesses shutter their doors, or even bend nations to its knees. However, like anything in the world, it is powerless when it comes to changing something as powerful as human connection.

The only thing it can do is expose the fundamental flaws of the connections that we have built, and making us reflect on what we truly have left.

Did we talk simply because of necessity or because we actually enjoy each other's company?

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