What if I told you that you are less than 6 handshakes away from becoming an acquaintance with the president, Bill Gates, etc?

As we go through our daily lives, we meet a lot of different people. Sometimes, you might be brave enough to start a conversation and perhaps talk about the weather.

However, let me ask you a question.
Are you still in touch with the person you randomly encountered?

Most people, especially teenagers and young adults, will answer this question with a definitive "No".

I'm pretty sure that you might have heard from your parents or successful people preach about the absolute importance of networking and how it will change your life. But wait.. if it's REALLY that important, why does young people often does not realise its importance early on in their life?

I believe that it comes down on how "abstract" the value of networking is to young people. Please give us a solid concept to grasp on to adults!

Luckily, you are reading my article, so I'm going to do the job that your parent (and mine) should've done.

People trust math, so here's some math.

44 ^ 6 (44 to the power of 6) = 7.256.313.856

Let me explain:
44 is the approx. number of connections per person
6 is the amount of people-chain that you need to go through
7.256.313.856 is the approx. human population (I know, it's 7.7 billion, cut me some slack)

This math shows that a chain of 6 person that have 44 distinct connections covers the whole world! That means that you only need to go through 6 "someone who know someone" to know every person on the world (Psst... that includes your celebrity crush)! Hence, the name "Six Degrees of Separation" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Six_degrees_of_separation)

Imagine what this means:
1. You are only 6 "someone who know someone" away from your soulmate.
2. You are only 6 "someone who knows someone" away from a business deal that will change your life.
3. You are only 6 "someone who knows someone" away from Tzu-yu <3

And by the way, the same math can also be applied to calculate why all MLM will eventually collapse, but that's for another article.


Go out there, meet more people, build more meaningful relationships (I'm such a hypocrite). The people you only dreamt to meet might be "closer" than you think ;)